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Beatles on Cover of TV Guide

(Entered November 7, 2000)

TV Guide-John Lennon Cover

TV Guide for the week of November 11-17 (on sale now) is featuring four different collector's covers of John, Paul, George and Ringo. And no, my scanner isn't broken and your computer's monitor is not on the blink. The colors they've chosen for all but George Harrison's cover are pretty weird. They look like still scenes from a very bad early color television - before they figured out how to make the color look natural.

Headlined "The Beatles 2000" - the issue features an overview story, "All You Need Is..the Beatles" which tells about various new projects; "Magical Mystery Tour," by Anthony Decurtis who tries to explain why the Beatles are still so facinating 30 years after their breakup; "Yesterday and Today," which is an interview with Paul McCartney; "Top of the Pops," features various stars revealing their favorite Beatle tunes; "Imagining Lennon," an article about the new John Lennon TV-movie.

In the McCartney interview, Paul says about John, "John is a central figure in my life, always will be I will always be grateful for having so much intimate time with him. I used to do caricatures of John. When I painted him recently, I found myself saying, 'How do his lips go?' I can't remember.' Then I'd think, 'Of course you know. You wrote all those songs facing each other."

Paul said about his early bond with John: "My mother died when I was 14. Three years on, I was up and running in the Beatles. It was actually one of my great bonds with John, because his mum died. Both of us had mothers snatched from us, and we both loved them dearly."

In the "Imagining Lennon" article, Matthew Gwyther writes that some of the footage was shot in John's early home on Menlove Avenue where he was raised by his Aunt Mimi (Mary Smith). The owner of the house, an 88-year-old man who will only reveal his first name - Ernest - had refused to allow film crews inside his home, but made an exception for this film, which will air on NBC Sunday December 3 at 9PM Eastern Time. The film's title is "In His Life: The John Lennon Story."

TV Guide-Beatles Covers