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"The hate is still there. I didnít like it and it does still hurt me. Lennon was suddenly standing with a non-blonde. I didnít mean to hurt anybody."

(Entered May 20, 2002)

Thanks to Richard Joly, ONOVOX

Full article:  Scotsman
  by Precious Williams

Williams describes the Yoko Ono she meets in the Dakota apartment:
"At 69, Ono is alarmingly youthful-looking. The broad face with its strong features, that were so despised by Lennonís fans and mocked by her detractors, is make-up free and unlined. Her brown eyes are intelligent and searching and her long wiry dark hair has been cut into a short pixie-style cut and dyed honey brown. She doesnít seek to explain why her looks have been the subject of such criticism when I ask her about the personal insults flung her way. She says simply, 'Even my mother told me: "you are a handsome woman but youíre not pretty. Pretty girls donít have those big bones"'. In fact, Ono is petite, standing at around 5ft and moves with the agility of a woman 30 years her junior. She says that nobody could deal with her being an Oriental woman who was 'not like Madam Butterfly.'"

About her art, Yoko told Williams:  

"The art world was not initially really accepting my kind of work," she says. "I was ahead of my time. And the kind of thing Iím interested in is not so much what is actually on paper or actually there - itís something that is beyond that. Itís a kind of freedom from just being tied to objects and things that are in the Ďreal worldí. By conceptualising things you have an incredible freedom.

"The fact that I was a Japanese woman had a lot to do with the kind of attitude I received in the art world. Women are very intelligent and not appreciated. We try to pretend that we are not clever and itís such a pity that we canít show how clever we are."


(Entered May 20, 2002)

(From "Star" Magazine, May 28, 2002)

In the StarPeople department of the supermarket tabloid, Star, a little item under the headline, COME TOGETHER:  Sean Lennon and 22-year-old lady friend Bijou Phillips recently checked into the Two Bunch Palms outside Palm Springs.  There they enjoyed mud and mineral baths, massages and what is apparently the latest Hollywood rage - crystal sonic soundwave relaxation treatments.

(Sean and Bijou pictured here at the premiere of her film, "Bully.")


(Entered May 20, 2002)

(From "People" Magazine, 5/13/02 Edition)

Insider by Tom Cunneff reported that Ethan Hawke's directorial debut, "Chelsea Walls" was enhanced by Yoko's generosity.

Jazz legend Jimmy Scott performed John Lennon's "Jealous Guy" on the soundtrack.  When Scott had told Hawke he wanted to cover the song, Hawke was worried that the rights to the tune would cost more than the independent movie's $200,000 budget.  But Hawke sent a copy of Scott's version of the song to Yoko.  She was so delighted by Scott's rendition and impressed with Hawke's efforts to make the small budget film, that she granted the rights for peanuts.  


(Entered May 13, 2002)

From: Yahoo

Yoko (pictured here with son, Sean Lennon in the 1980's) is one of the famous people who has donated a personal bicycle to World
T.E.A.M (The Exceptional Athlete Matters) Sports.  Bikes have been donated for auction by notable names in sports, journalism, entertainment and public service at their Sixth Annual Celebrity Bike Auction.

All proceeds will benefit World T.E.A.M. Sports' Face of America 2002 bicycle ride-a three-day, two-night, 270-mile journey from New York City to Washington, DC to honor those killed on September 11 and in other acts of violence against innocent people.

Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Senator John Kerry (D-MA), Olympians, Paralympians and celebrities such as Christopher Reeve and Greg LeMond will attend the bike auction. These special guests will honor the work and mission of World T.E.A.M. Sports and it's Co-Chairs Jim Benson and Peter Kiernan, the organization's founder and founding director respectively. 

In a special moment, World T.E.A.M. Sports will also pay tribute to the five firefighters from Engine 33, Ladder 9 who biked across the U.S. to thank the country for honoring their comrades who were killed on September 11. 

Besides Yoko, other celebrities whose bicycles will be auctioned include: 
Evander Holyfield 
Greg LeMond 
Britney Spears 
Christopher Reeve 
Rudolph Giuliani 
Robin Williams 
Paul Newman 
Mo Vaughn 
Tom Brokaw 
Wynton Marsalis 
NYC Firefighters Engine 33, Ladder 9 Team Nelly Sean "P. Diddy" Combs 
Paula Zahn 
Campbell Brown 
Cal Ripken 
David Halberstam 

The auction is to take place the evening of May 13 at The Lighthouse, Chelsea Piers Sports & Entertainment Complex, Pier 61, located between 17th and 23rd Streets in New York City.

(NOTE: Postcard of Yoko and Sean
taken at Sean's summer camp.
A batch of these was donated to IK! by
Yoko several years ago.  The bike
pictured is not necessarily the bike
being auctioned.)


(Entered May 13, 2002)

(From Page Six, NYPost)

(Photo Left: Howard Stern at "Star Wars" Premiere)

The gossip columnists at the New York Post's Page Six website reported today that there was "nonstop applause and shouting at Tuesday night's preview screening of 'Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones' at the Ziegfeld."  Page Six reports that the jam-packed crowd loved George Lucas' latest film, but hated the character Jar-Jar Binks.

The audience, including Yoko, Howard Stern, Robin Ophelia Quivers, and Beastie Boy Adam Yauch, let out a communal hiss as soon as the cartoon character showed his face. Fortunately, Jar-Jar's screen time lasted barely a minute.

Jar Jar was lambasted when the "Phantom Menace" flick was released, with some people claiming it was a racially stereotyped character.  Personally, I thought Jar Jar was a big pain and a totally annoying character that should have been sent to the "Trash" folder on George Lucas' computer.  Jar Jar single-handedly ruined the film for me, but, to be fair, a quick check of Yahoo and we see that there actually are Jar Jar fans...such as:  The International Society for the Preservation of Jar Jar Binks. and The Jar Jar Fan Club.


(Entered May 6, 2002)

(Thanks to Kristina on the Sean list-serv and other

Howard Stern, with the help of someone he knows named Hunter, was able to waylay Sean Lennon at home and put him on the spot for a phone interview on Friday.

IK! has not heard the interview yet. We've only read a synopsis of the interview on the Into the Sun website, which quoted from until or unless we hear it for ourselves, our comments are based on the blow by blow description given by 'friggin,' our own sources and our past experience reading transcripts of interviews featuring Howard Stern's outrageous lies and racial slurs aimed at the Lennon family.

According to friggin', Sean used the 'f' word liberally throughout the few minutes he was on the air with Stern.  One point he was able to make is that his mother isn't as controlling as Howard thinks and that Howard is also wrong about Julian not getting any of his father's inheritance.

Howard apparently commented more than once that Sean doesn't have to work for anything in his life because his mother has 'Beatles money' and she will pay Sean's bills, but Sean informed Howard that he is trying to make a career in music so he can make his own money.

Stern's hammering away about this money issue demonstrates what a hypocrite he is, considering the fact that he makes literally millions of dollars sitting around insulting people and is apparently too cheap, lazy and/or dishonest to hire fact checkers to insure the accuracy of his statements before he makes them on the air.

Not surprisingly, after the interview, Stern's fans had a racist, Yoko and Sean-bashing field day on the Stern newsgroup, making comments such as "What a humorless little **** he is. Talk about the definition of the worthless rich kid."  That was the only one I felt I could repeat here - the rest were racist, sexually explicit diatribes by ignorant people who don't know Sean or Yoko and obviously listen to Howard Stern too much.

By the way, I've been told that Stern is planning to replay the interview, possibly Tuesday (5/7/02)  


(Entered May 1, 2002)

(Thanks to HwyCDRrev)

News From Billboard:

On September 17, I
mage Entertainment release "John & Yoko's Year of Peace," a documentary chronicling the couple's anti-war campaign that began with their honeymoon "Bed-In-for Peace" in March 1969. Compiled from footage recently found in the basement of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the DVD/VHS begins with scenes from the Montreal bed-in, and follows John and Yoko throughout the year, the period in which "Give Peace a Chance" was recorded.

Directed by journalist Paul McGrath and produced by Alan Lysaght, the film captures many of the candid talks from the Montreal bed-in, including John's interaction with such politically-oriented figures as comedian Tommy Smothers, LSD-booster Timothy Leary, civil rights activist Dick Gregory, and right-wing cartoonist Al Capp...(or as John would later call him, "Al Crap.")

The DVD will also feature a commentary track from Yoko. "As an interview she was insightful and inspirational," says Lysaght in a release. "She was also valuable in terms of helping to secure the necessary music rights, and even donated some personal photographs and film footage to the project."

"John & Yoko's Year of Peace" includes new interviews with those who were at the bed-ins.


(Entered May 1, 2002)

Two tape recordings of John Lennon improvising songs and telling stories to his young stepdaughter sold for $195,000 at an auction by Christie's.  On one tape, recorded in the summer of 1969, John is heard improvising songs and relating the tale of a dwarf who lived in the garden to Kyoko, his then-6-year-old stepdaughter by Yoko.  That cassette brought $110,000.  

The second tape is a 25-minute recording of John developing the melody and lyrics of the song "She Said She Said," which was later released on the Beatles' "Revolver" album. The tape, which contained lyrics that never made it into the finished version, sold for $85,200.
Both recordings were bought at Tuesday's auction by a private collector from the United States.

The rare Lennon recordings were the star lots in what proved to be Christie's best-ever sale of pop memorabilia, which grossed a total of $770,000.

However, one of the advertised highlights óPaul McCartney's handwritten lyrics for the song "Hey Jude" ó was withdrawn from sale at the last minute after Paul won a legal challenge Monday to keep them out of the auction.  He claims the lyric sheet was stolen.


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