Real Love Book

When we first set up this page for a Carter's "Real Love" Contest several months ago,
our model, was 19 months old.  Anthony James SanAngelo, son of Andie and Mark SanAngelo, 
and grandson of yours truly, is now the ripe old age of  3, but still looks really snazzy in his 
larger-sized Carter apparel!

Anthony is showing IK! readers just a few of the styles that have 
been available for boys' toddlers size 2T.   There has been a complete array of 
styles and sizes for infants up to size 6 for boys and girls. 

We purchased all of Tony's outfits at Carter's Outlet stores in Traverse City
and West Branch, Michigan.  On  a recent trip (March, 2001), when we checked the store in
West Branch, we discovered the "Real Love" line was only available in the infant sizes.
The JCPenney catalog also carried some of the infant clothing and other
"Real Love" items, such as comforters and lamps.

To find out where the nearest Carter's store is to you,
visit the Carter's Website and click on "Shop Locater"
in the frames bar at the left.

(Note: Some of our close-ups of the designs on the clothing are from
the "Real Love" book and may be slightly different than the designs on the clothing.)


1999 Yoko Ono Lennon. Licensed exclusively by Bag One Arts, Inc.
Lennon and John Lennon are trademarks of Yoko Ono Lennon

A Monkey Chattering

"Hurry up! 'Blues Clues' is coming on!"

Self-Portrait Shirt


It's John Lennon,
and that means "rock 'n roll"
so naturally we couldn't
resist this chance to show Tony
in his Daddy's more than 100-year-old
rocking horse!

You'll see another
JOL Self-Portrait
design when you scroll
down the page.

The well-dressed toddler
on the playground
is wearing the John Lennon
Monkey Chattering
sweatshirt.  Teamed up
with tan "man-about-town"
pants, this outfit is sure
to catch the eye of
every little toddler girl
swinging on the monkey bars.

tonyfrog.jpg (14107 bytes)

At left, we see Tony wearing
the "Frog Marching" beige
Below is a close-up view
of the design.

tfrog.jpg (17130 bytes)



The horse is laughing
while Tony prefers his
patented "smirk."

A Horse Laughing

tonybigdog.jpg (13150 bytes)

On the left, Tony is showing the latest
in rap apparel for toddlers:
the John Lennon "big dog"
drawing on a red sweatshirt.
Just add a black knit cap
and you're ready for action!

Here's a close-up of the picture
on the sweatshirt:

tbigdog.jpg (3075 bytes)

At right, Anthony adjusts the
volume control on the boombox
as a Plastic Ono Band selection
kicks into gear.  He's wearing a red
turtleneck to set off the self-portrait on
his beige sweatshirt and pants ensemble.

Below is a close-up of the self-portrait
logo on Tony's sweatshirt.

tonyselfbeige.jpg (18162 bytes)

tonybluejeanjr.jpg (13367 bytes)

For a very subtle touch of
John Lennon, Anthony prefers
the jeans-look shirt that can be
worn over a turtleneck top.

The John Lennon signature with
a yellow sunshine symbol can't
really be seen in this picture but trust us,
it's there..and it's very cool. 
At least, Tony thinks so.

(We'll try to get a better scan of this later)

After a hard day at the office
it's nice to come home to
a cushy chair, a pair of friends
and a Buffalo Bills game
on the tube.
Tony is wearing a light blue
JOL Elephant shirt -
soft, comfy and warm
for those cooler days
of Autumn.


Here's that other "Self-Portrait"
view we promised. Is Tony
starting to look just a wee bit
disgusted with all this picture-taking?
Time to call it quits. Okay...
maybe just one more!

All of this modeling can only be
described as a "hair-raising"
experience for Anthony. So he's
going to say bye bye for now
and toddle off wearing his navy
Monkey Chattering sweatshirt.....

Tony Hair Raiser