(Thanks to Laura Bird)

Our good friend, Laura, tipped IK! off about a web address where we could find a gate made for Yoko by an amazing artist who works in central New York.

We contacted Roland Greefkes about the gate he was showing online (see above and click the picture to go to his web site). Mr. Greefkes told us a little story about his meeting with Yoko - as well as a very behind-the-scenes aspect to the making of the gate which he has given IK! permission to reveal. The gate has a secret ingredient.

Mr. Greefkes said that after seeing an article about his work in the New York Times, "one fine day, Yoko came driving up my hill and walked into my smithy with her entourage of two, wearing an 'Imagine' tee-shirt. She sat down on my shop stool and reminisced with me about how much she liked my native Holland, and her fond memories of Amsterdam, where she and John met the press in the Hilton, sitting in bed."

Yoko asked Mr. Greefkes to make a pair of driveway gates for her. Yoko's only specifications, besides the size of the gates, was that there be a sun on one side and a moon on the other.

Greefkes told IK! - "I found Yoko to be a delight to work with, and I was very pleased with her confidence in me. I had met her years earlier, with John, in the East-West restaurant on Columbus Avenue in New York City. Remembering the tragic fate that befell John, I wanted to protect Yoko as much as I could. I put my heart and soul into the making of each part of the gates."

Secret Ingredient

Mr. Greefkes put more than his heart and soul into this project. He says when the gates were nearly complete, he was "inspired to incorporate some sand from a Tibetan sand mandala in the heart of the eagle on the sun side of the gate, and holy water from the Ganges in the heart of the owl on the moon side in the hope that this might protect her."

Greefkes has photos of the process used to add these very special blessings to a very special pair of gates, which he intends to show Yoko someday.

Greefkes Web Site